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4/27/2022, 8:46:16 PM

Android App - Calorie Counter +-APK 9.6.0 iyatholakala ukulanda mahhala Lokusebenza has 1,000,000+ Ukufakwa kanye esimaphakathi 4.7 kusukela 26714 abantu. isicelo Android Calorie Counter + anezinye izidingo kwidivaysi yakho okungenani version Android - VARY, okungenani isikhala free - 50M. Okwamanje kwi website yethu version etholakalayo - 9.6.0 okuyinto kudedelwa 4/27/2022, 8:46:16 PM. Calorie Counter + sidalwe Nutracheck Android Developer e undefined Isigaba. Ukufaka App Calorie Counter + Android apk kudivayisi yakho kufanele wenze isiqondiso ezinye lula: Yiya kwimenyu izilungiselelo kudivayisi yakho, bese uvumele kokufaka amafayela .apk kwimithombo engaziwa ke ungaqiniseka ukufaka zonke etholakalayo Izinhlelo ze-Android ne-Amageyimu ku WayToSoftware!. Nutracheck can help you reach your weight goal. Track calories, macros, and more. Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Upgrade in-app from $4.99 / month. Or use it free on Lite membership with daily limits. We’ve helped thousands of members achieve their weight loss and health goals. Nutracheck is the ultimate nutrition, exercise, and calorie tracker. Whatever you want to track, this is your must-have app. • Suits all goals – weight loss, weight gain, maintenance, intermittent fasting • Scans barcodes for easy calorie tracking • Also tracks carbs, protein, fat, sugar, sat fat, sodium and fiber • Set your own macro targets and calorie deficit • Huge food database – over 300,000 products with photos, verified for quality • Link your Fitbit or Garmin for effortless exercise tracking • Includes use of the Nutracheck website and online calorie counter free during your 7-day trial. ⭐ WHAT MAKES NUTRACHECK STAND OUT? ⭐ Our fantastic food database! It’s super fast and easy to use with photos of food or logos for instant recognition. The database is managed by our in-house team for quality. The app is designed for easy calorie tracking, with a barcode scanner and minimal taps to add food. There’s support on hand from our Help Team – just email [email protected] And it’s tried and tested – we’ve perfected Nutracheck over 16 years. WHAT’S INCLUDED? FOOD & EXERCISE DIARY 🗒️ • Barcode scanner to add food fast • Count calories and track carbs, sugar, fiber, fat, sat fat, protein and sodium • Check your natural vs added sugar intake • Track 5-a-day, water, and alcohol • Set reminders to prompt you to drink water and update your diary • Compare your diet to healthy nutrition targets • Personal calorie deficit target (Nutracheck uses a BMR calculator & calorie calculator to set your allowance) • Link your Fitbit, Garmin, or the Android motion sensor on the phone to pull through steps • Search over 1,000 exercises for calorie burn (or manually add your own workout e.g abs workout) • Share and print your diary MY MEALS 🧑‍🍳 • Calorie calculator for home-cooked meals (shows nutrient breakdown too) • Popular recipes are already saved – just add a serving to your diary • Share recipes PROGRESS 📈 • Weight loss tracker • Track over 13 different measures • Receive awards for goals reached FORUMS 💬 • Support from the Nutracheck community • Take part in Members’ Challenges MORE 🎁 • Upgrade options – including access to the Nutracheck website • Nutracheck blog • FAQs • Contact details – UK Customer Care Team SUBSCRIPTION PRICES 💎 Tap on ‘More’ in the menu bar > ‘Upgrade options’ to select a membership and purchase in-app through your Google Play account: 1 month App-Only membership – with auto-renewal* $4.99 12 months App-Only membership – with auto-renewal* $29.99 introductory offer. $39.99 after initial 14 day period. *Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in your Google Play account. For help or more information email [email protected] For a free calorie counter app, use Nutracheck on Lite membership. This gives you unlimited food searches. A 5 item limit applies to adding foods to your diary.