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3/3/2022, 11:34:39 AM

Android App - Join Blob Clash 3D APK 0.3.0 ir pieejama lejupielādei par brīvu uz App ir 10.000.000+ instalē un vidējais vērtējums 4,2 no 20331 cilvēkiem. Android piemērošana Join Blob Clash 3D ir dažas prasības attiecībā uz ierīces: minimālo android versija - 5.0, minimālais brīvās vietas - 79M. Šobrīd mūsu mājas lapā pieejamā versija - 0.3.0 kas atbrīvotās 3/3/2022, 11:34:39 AM. Join Blob Clash 3D radīja CASUAL AZUR GAMES Android attīstītājs undefined kategorijā. Lai instalētu Join Blob Clash 3D Android .apk App ierīcē, jums vajadzētu darīt, daži vienkārši norādījums: Iet uz izvēlni Iestatījumi ierīcē, un ļauj instalēt .apk failus no nezināmiem resursiem, tad varat droši instalēt visus pieejamos Android Apps un spēles par WayToSoftware!. Join Blob Clash 3D is an epic survival race! Collect and upgrade your army of colorful blobs, overcome all the obstacles and win the battle with the boss at the end of round! Defeat ‘em all! Gather your own gang, upgrade your furious blobs and clash against the giant blob king! Choose the color of your blob, start the race and collect others creating a giant crowd! Lead your team through all the most difficult obstacles! Try to calculate the trajectory and save as many teammates as you can! Dodge moving axes and complete other challenges! Run through monstrous saws and dangerous zones to get to the finish line! Guide the army and run together to reach the finish at the level’s end! Defeat the biggest blob boss at the end of the level and win the race! Be careful! The boss hits hard and his punches are strong! Collect a crowd of blobs, overcome obstacles, grab keys, break through opponents to face giant bosses! Defeat blob kings within a punch! Game features: - Survival game! - Many challenging levels! - Dangerous traps! - Many blobs skins! - Bright & colorful graphics! - Easy controls! - Intuitive interface! Download Join Blob Clash 3D for free now and let the race for survival begin! ===================== COMPANY COMMUNITY: ===================== YouTube: