Tales of Wind - how and with what to feed Coco in the Guild

Tales of Wind - how and with what to feed Coco in the Guild
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5/13/2022, 3:07:00 PM


Vito Rodberg

Coco is one of the important birds in the guild that needs to be constantly fed in order for your guild to get rare and golden items. But the problem is that finding food for Coco is not easy and it takes a long time.

How to find food for Coco

One way is fishing, which allows you to get up to 4-10 products per day.

You can also meet the Great Raccoon, which randomly appears on your farm and circles around. When you encounter him, he will ask you to buy something from your farm and in return he will give you food.

In addition, you can buy products for Coco at the Trade Market. On the Fish Farm tab, you can buy from 3780 to 21000 shells. In the "Other" tab, you can purchase an insect egg for 6,257 shells.

How to feed coco ?

After you have the necessary products, go to your guild by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then go to the Event and click the Forward button, under Feed Coco.

You will teleport to the guild map where you need to find Coco.

Click the "Feed" button and select a meal.

Here is an example of food that Koko would like to eat.


  • Coco's Joy Points - Donate resources to your kingdom to increase Coco's Joy Points. Once their gauge is full, Koko will give out a piece of treasure. It can be taken by the guild master and start a festive event.
  • Feeding Contribution - Feed Coco to increase your Feeding Contribution points. The higher your contribution, the more rewards you will receive during the holiday event.
  • Number of Cocos - If Coco's joy points are gained fast enough, more birds of this species will appear in your guild. Along with the amount of Coco, the limit of Joy will also grow. As a result, you will receive more rewards during the festive event. However, if the increase in joy takes too long, Coco will leave.